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Furnace Replacement & Installation

If you’re looking for more information about how to replace your heating system, then you’ve come to the right place! Crazy AC Guy offers recommendations cultivated by highly trained experts in the HVAC industry. Our technicians have worked with some of the best systems available, and our customers are always the first to know about the latest heating improvements.

Finding the right system for your home, however, is half the battle. The next step in the process is the installation. Crazy AC techs perform installations that let you instantly enjoy the comfort of your new system. We offer advanced, precise, and professional installations for homeowners that only want the best for their home. All installations from Crazy AC Guy are guaranteed to be effortless and without issue, and you deserve nothing less from your comfort system.

Heating Replacements for Homes in North Texas

We hate to break it to you, but your furnace won’t last forever! The average heating system only lasts about 15 years, and most homeowners haven’t touched their system since they moved into their current residence. There’s no need to panic, though. Since we offer free estimates and expert recommendations, finding the perfect system for your home is simple with Crazy AC Guy.

Every home is fitted with a new system based on requirements such as the size of the space, the number of spaces that need direct heat, and the homeowner’s budget. Furnaces, pumps, and boilers that aren’t properly sized for the home can cause uneven heating or frequent cycles, which can drive up energy bills.

The three things to consider as you look for a new system include the following:

  1. AFUE Measure: The AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, measures how efficiently your furnace or boiler heats your home. The higher the percentage, the more fuel is converted to heat rather than lost to exhaust.
  2. Type of System: Furnaces are fueled by either gas, electricity, or oil. Each type of furnace will heat your home just fine but finding the right system for your budget and storage capacity is imperative. All heating systems vary in how efficient and cost effective they are. We’ll always work through the best solution for your home!
  3. The Size of Your Home: Homes with attics or basements can usually fit a central heating and cooling system, but if your home is smaller and requires less heating than what a central system would provide, then you might want to consider a split system. Convenience is an essential part of being comfortable, and our technicians will ensure your comfort is always convenient.

Professional Furnace Installations 

As important as finding the right system is, it is just as important to find the right team to install your replacement. We don’t take any chances during your installation process. From start to finish, your Crazy AC Guy installation team will pay careful attention to every detail to provide an efficient yet skillful service.

A great installation means you don’t have to worry about any issues resulting from poor practices and sloppy work. With Crazy AC Guy, your home is sure to receive some of the best service in the industry.

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