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Chimney Cap Installation

Did you know your chimney is susceptible to wild animals, water leaks, and blasts of wind if you don’t have a proper chimney cap? With the right installation team and regular maintenance, you can completely cut down on chimney hazards.

 For Crazy AC Guy, the chimney is just as important as your air conditioning or heating system. It requires the same amount of work to ensure it keeps you and your family comfortable all winter long. Our technicians specialize in whole-home protection, which includes your chimney cap. If your home doesn’t have a chimney cap, rest assured we can perform a quick and trusted installation service.

This appliance does more than sit on top of your chimney. The benefits of a chimney cap include:

  • Keeping out animals and birds
  • Deflecting sparks and embers
  • Preventing downdrafts
  • Preventing rain and other weather from entering

In addition to damaging your home and causing a chimney clog, certain rodents can carry diseases, threatening your family and any pets in the house. Water damage is also a common issue we see in homes without chimney caps. 

Another benefit of a chimney cap is that it can enhance your home’s look, depending on your chosen style. If there’s ever a chance we can help your home be functional and stylish, we’ll take it! Our team will always go above and beyond for you and your family.

Chimney Cap Maintenance

Most high-quality chimney caps come with mesh wiring around the sides to keep out animals and deflect embers. With this additional protection, soot can start to build up in the openings of the mesh. Plus, heavy weather can blow leaves and other debris into the cap.

Congested caps can cause weak fires as a result of decreased available oxygen. Worst of all, toxic fumes can build up in the home if there is a lack of proper chimney exhaust. It is crucial to clean your chimney caps every two months if you regularly use your chimney. Crazy AC takes time during routine chimney inspections to clean chimney caps and maintain the function of the chimney. We’ll have your fireplace ready to use in no time!

Why Crazy AC Guy

While our business is all about offering incredible benefits to everyone in the Crazy AC family, we also care deeply about our community. Our team strives to be a trustworthy source of information and provide support for anyone who needs it.

You and other homeowners rely on us to not only get the job done right but also to make your life easier in other ways. It’s not just excellent service you get with Crazy AC Guy; it’s the peace of mind knowing your home is taken care of. Plus, we’ll be there for any unexpected issues with our completely transparent, upfront pricing structure.

Your comfort is our business. Choose Crazy AC for your chimney services this winter.

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