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Air Conditioning Services

Your home and business deserve better cooling this summer, and we know just the team for the job. Crazy AC Guy employs highly skilled professionals capable of working on every air conditioning system. Our service is crazy good. With products that last and an unparalleled customer experience, you can’t go wrong with the kind of high-quality AC services we offer, including maintenance, repairs, replacements, installations, upgrades and inspections.

Our family owned and operated business knows just what you need to make your working and living spaces more comfortable. You may have been trying to get by with an air conditioning system that has been limping along, not working up to its full potential. It keeps your space cooler than the outdoors, but it’s still too hot, and you find yourself getting crabby trying to work in a space that’s uncomfortably warm. You turn down the thermostat and the AC kicks on, but you don’t feel any cooler. It’s frustrating.

Our AC service starts with an assessment of your system and needs. It’s possible that if you had your new air conditioning installed recently that the unit might be too small for the space. If this is the case, your unit will never be able to cool your environment to the degree that you’re comfortable.

A more likely possibility is that your central air conditioning is merely in need of repairs. Our technician will explain the problem and the solution to you carefully before beginning any work. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of great air conditioning, and we’ll ensure you know exactly what that feels like.

Our technicians are more than equipped to service your air conditioner installation and repair needs. No matter the service you choose, your tech will be straightforward about any recommendations and pricing, as promised in the Crazy AC Guy upfront pricing structure. There will never be any surprises when it comes to your professional AC service from our air conditioning company.

Air Conditioning Repair

Any homeowner can attest that even small AC issues cause huge headaches — literally. Plus, air conditioning problems tend to compound if you don’t address them right away. That’s why it’s good to call our air conditioning company right away when you notice something is awry with your air conditioner. If we catch the problem early, it could mean a much lower repair bill for you.

A good time to call your Crazy AC Guy tech for a repair is when you notice the following issues:

  • Short and frequent cycles of cool air
  • High humidity
  • Warm air coming from your AC
  • Weird odors or sounds when the system is turned on
  • Inefficient cooling throughout the home
  • Leaking or frozen components

These signs indicate that one or more of your system’s components is failing, causing the entire unit to malfunction. There is no good time to experience a broken air conditioner, so call Crazy AC Guy before your entire system breaks down completely. You’ll probably save money, and you’ll definitely save the discomfort of living without air conditioning until we can get it repaired.

New Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement

AC installations may seem like a big project, but our HVAC technicians perform installations quickly and effortlessly. And we don’t put you on the schedule for a week from Tuesday — we do the work ASAP.

For over 25 years, we’ve installed and serviced almost every kind of air conditioner, including Lennox, Goodman, Carrier and more! It takes a knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled tech to ensure an AC installation that will provide immediate comfort from the moment the unit is turned on. Our team is ready to make your home a more comfortable place to live.

Dryer Vent & Air Duct Services

Air quality inside and outside the home can fluctuate throughout the year. When it starts to heat up in Texas, the air quality can interfere with your day-to-day activities. Keep your family healthy during warmer days by scheduling vent and duct cleaning with Crazy AC Guy.

A clogged dryer vent can also be a fire hazard, so don’t wait to schedule this service. If you notice your clothes are taking a lot longer to dry, you detect a burning smell coming from the dryer or your dryer is unusually hot to the touch, your vent is probably clogged.

When you live in North Texas, professional air conditioning repairs can save you and your family from a world of discomfort. The hot and humid weather is dreadful at times, but it can be managed with a great air conditioner. Crazy AC Guy delivers quality air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations at affordable prices. Call our experienced and dependable air conditioning professionals at Crazy AC Guy today.

Crazy AC Guy Repairs, Installs, & Services All Air Conditioner Brands

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